Revenge on the Rainy River Bees!

Samantha Clayburn doesn’t have a lot to be happy about. Her family is poor, she’s unpopular, and her mom’s boyfriend is a jerk. But at least she has the frozen stream across the street. One Saturday morning, she sneaks out, laces up her ratty old skates, and practices alone. She happens across a pond hockey game with none other than the famous Rainy River Bees. Being invited to play is a dream come true, but it quickly turns into a nightmare.

The Bythrin Dominion have come back for revenge on the Bees for ruining their evil plot to take over the universe during an intergalactic hockey tournament. Sam manages to escape with the Bees and gets wrapped up in a universe-spanning adventure. She gets to visit new galaxies, experience unique civilizations, and uncover clues that point them to a mysterious force with the potential to help them save Earth and defeat the Bythrin once and for all.

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  • 329 Pages
  • Interior illustrations & graphics
  • 2-Page Species Profiles featuring each of the alien species in the Bees’ Universe