Welcome to the official website for the Rainy River Bees series of books:

Book 1: The Intergalactic Adventures of the Rainy River Bees
Book 2:
Revenge on the Rainy River Bees!
Book 3: The Complete Destruction of the Rainy River Bees

The Rainy River Bees are an elite peewee hockey team. Moments after winning a championship, they get abducted by aliens—aliens that love hockey! They rocket across the universe to play in the Intergalactic Hockey Championships, where they face-off against strange aliens with even stranger rules. But what seems to be friendly competition hides a dark secret that puts the entire universe in peril. It’s up to the twelve Bees and their new friends to save the day: And win the tournament!

The book blends the action of hockey with the wonders of science fiction, and is written for a middle grade audience (8-12). The books feature:

  • Professional cover and interior illustrations by Jack Parra
  • Book 1 includes a full glossary of hockey terms (including both Earth & Intergalactic rules!)
  • Book 2 features 2-page spreads with full profiles on all of the different species!
  • Book 3 features more great illustrations & a puzzle that reveals a special offer from our sponsor Rink Rat Hockey!