Bythrin Profile Illustration by Jack Parra
Bythrin Theme Song by Parker Jesser

Home Planet: Bythramax

Physical Description

Adult Bythrin (Pronounced: Bith-rin) are about as tall as seven-year-old human kids, but as strong as human adults. Their purple skin is thick and tough, with lots of dark purple spots. Tall sprouts of sharp, light blue hair stick out from the tops and sides of their heads. Bythrin have many different kinds of noses. Some have short, stubby noses like pigs, while others have long snouts like anteaters. Bythrin have hands with different numbers of fingers: Three on the left and four on the right.

Hockey Notes

The Bythrin are well-trained, balanced hockey players. They are athletic skaters, accurate passers, and have quick shots. Every Bythrin must attend a hockey academy, where they learn to play with a similar style. This helps the Bythrin maintain good systems and powerful strategies to defeat any type of opponent.

The Bythrin are famous for turning their military uniforms into hockey jerseys. The jerseys feature military ranks, medals, and specific colors on the shoulders. These colors mark their job function. Professional hockey players wear blue shoulders. The BPHL (Bythrin Professional Hockey League) has 10,304 teams across all the planets in the Bythrin Dominion. 4,096 teams make the playoffs, which last for an entire Earth year.

Historical Notes

Evolving on a harsh planet encased in ice, the Bythrin quickly became masters of water in all its forms: Solid, liquid, and gas. Learning how to control these forms allowed them to develop clean, hydrogen energy to power their civilization instead of polluting with fossil fuels. Their expert technologies at changing water forms allows them to easily terraform new planets by changing their weather patterns.

Most experts say that Bythrin civilization predates all other known intelligent species by over 10,000 years. This means they have taken the lead in space exploration and colonization. The Bythrin Dominion have colonized over 50,000 planets in over 115 galaxies. It is estimated that there are currently more than fifty trillion Bythrin living throughout the universe.

Nearly 10% of citizens in the Bythrin Dominion are involved with the military. They have a long history of military take-overs of colonies belonging to other species. However, this practice stopped nearly 500 years ago. That’s when Grand Byth Juukarzi XVIII signed the Fourth Universal Peace Treaty, which gave back all previously conquered colonies. It also established trade and peaceful relationships with all other species except Earth. At that time, Earth was still too primitive for first contact. The FUPT lasted until the year 2017, when the Bythrin discovered the Power Orb and attempted to conquer the entire universe with it.

Despite all their experience with ice, no Bythrin had ever considered playing games on it. This changed when a research team travelled to the Milky Way Galaxy to check on the Humans of Earth. This happened in the 1950’s, and the Bythrin watched TV broadcasts from Earth featuring the game of hockey. The Bythrin quickly fell in love and were responsible for spreading the sport throughout the universe. In 2017, they made first contact with Earth and invited them to the first Intergalactic Hockey Championships. Although the tournament was actually a sneaky way for them to gain control of the entire universe, it was still a very important tournament for popularizing hockey. The Bythrin loss in the final game, and the destruction of the Power Orb, were televised throughout the entire universe. This helped raise awareness of hockey, as well as the abilities of the human race.