The Complete Destruction of the Rainy River Bees

In an isolation cell beneath Iron Mountain Prison, Xeyzo stews in his second defeat. In nearby Rainy River, the Bees savor the fame after saving the Earth a second time. Now they face a new challenge: The Fort Frances Otters. Forced together on a combined team for the high school hockey season, they battle for ice time and bragging rights.

When Xeyzo escapes from prison with the help of an unlikely army, the Bees and Otters must find a way to work together and trust each other. It’s going to take all their strength, smarts and some help from their alien friends. Because this time? Xeyzo won’t stop until the Rainy River Bees are destroyed once and for all. Note: This is Book #3 in the Rainy River Bees series.

  • 296 Pages
  • Paperback bound
  • Includes interior illustrations