Theemem Profile Illustration by Jack Parra
Theemem Theme Song by Parker Jesser

Home Planet: Emimus

Physical Description

Theemim (Pronounced: Thee-mim) are around three feet tall and stand on three spider-like legs. Their legs are skinny but as strong as metal. These powerful, segmented legs are built for digging and carving. The Theemim’s bright silver skin evolved to reflect the harsh sunlight of Emimus. They are completely bald except for bushy, purple eyebrows. Each Theemim dyes their eyebrows daily in different colors and patterns to match their outfits.

Hockey Notes

The Theemim wear shiny, gold jerseys with purple shoulders and stripes. It’s rumored that it took them almost a year to decide on just the colors of their logo!

Having three legs with very tiny feet means they skate in a zig-zag pattern. This makes them slower skaters, but they make up for this by being nearly impossible to knock down.

Goalies across the universe live in fear of a Theemim winding up for a slap shot. When a Theemim digs their three legs into the ice, they become a tripod that lets them launch 100+ mph shots.

Historical Notes

Emimus is the home planet of the Theemim Kingdom, which extends throughout most of their galaxy. The planet is covered in mountain ranges separated by vast stretches of silver desert. The two suns of their solar system make it a hot, bright planet. Networks of natural caves run through the mountains, carved out by underwater rivers. The Theemim evolved within those caves, protected from the harsh sunlight of their twin suns. Theemim deserts have been known to get as hot as 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Over hundreds of thousands of years, the Theemim learned to work with sand, rock, and insects. This allowed them to extend their network of caves across the whole planet. This ability to manipulate sand led to mastery of crystal formations, allowing them build large buildings that helped them spread out from their tunnels. It also enabled them to invent silicon computer chips much earlier than other species, allowing their development of space travel to advance very quickly. They currently have settled over 375 habitable planets throughout their galaxy. They also have several outposts near wormholes that connect them to nearby galaxies.

Theemim society is built around a unique form of monarchy. They have the most complicated system of government in the universe: Every Theemim planet has exactly nine rulers. These kings and queens argue over many major decisions their people face. Each ruler is responsible for caring for one of the vital aspects of Theemim civilization:

Foreign Relations

Theemim fashion is renown throughout the universe. They have developed thousands of unique fabrics, many with technology woven into the fibers. Every Theemim learns how to make their own clothes, starting a young age. They are encouraged to develop their own sense of style and use clothing to express themselves. This means visitors to Emimus would see nearly infinite combinations of colors and styles, with no two outfits being alike. Unless they went to a Theemim sports game, of course.