The Miaplacidus
(Pronounced: Me-a-plas-eh-dews)

Home Planet: Arlaangtoonidus Prime

Description: The most unique thing about a Miaplacidus is that each of them are actually two people. They have two heads that share a single body. They have big round bellies, short thin legs, and giant clown feet. They wear jerseys with millions of colored stripes, and sweatpants.

Culture: Whenever a Miaplacidus bounces into a room, you know you’re going to have some fun. They love anything, as long as it’s fun. Games, puzzles, magic, pranks, and of course sports like hockey.

(Preview sketch by the book’s illustrator: Jack Parra)

Scouting Report: The Miaplacidus may be fun-loving, but they do take their hockey seriously. They like to play a simple, smart game. It’s rare you will see one of their players out of position. Because of their round shape and big feet, they block a lot of shots. It’s important to know that Miaplacidus always show good sportsmanship, and never get angry. They know it’s just a game, and games should be fun.

Favorite Earth Hockey Player: All the hockey mascots!
Favorite NHL Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Fun Fact: Each Miaplacidus had two hockey numbers, which they put on the sides of their logo. For example, the Miaplacidus captain Blurf-n-Blerp wears 3 + 15.