Miaplacidus Profile Illustration by Jack Parra
Miaplacidus Theme Song by Parker Jesser

Home Planet: Arlaangtoonidus Prime

Physical Description

The most unique thing about a Miaplacidus (Pronounced: Me-a-plas-eh-dews) is that each of them are actually two people. Each of their heads has an individual brain which shares their single body. They have big round bellies, short, narrow legs, and giant feet. Miaplacidus have thirteen known gender combinations, and over a thousand different family structures for raising children. The Miaplacidus have the lowest rates of heart disease, depression, and obesity anywhere in the universe. This is because of their active, fun-loving culture.

Hockey Notes

The Miaplacidus may be all about fun, but they still take their hockey seriously. They like to play a simple, smart game. It’s rare you will see one of their players out of position. Because of their round shape and big feet, they block a lot of shots.

Their hockey jerseys consist of baggy jerseys with millions of different colors, and sweatpants. Each jersey has two hockey numbers, which they put around their logo. For example, one of the more popular Miaplacidus players is forward Blurf-N-Blerp, who wears number 3+15.

The Miaplacidus are known for their great sportsmanship. They never forget hockey is just a game, and games should always be fun.

Historical Notes

The Miaplacidus home solar system has five habitable planets. Due to rapid overpopulation, they quickly invented efficient space travel. Around 3,000 Earth years ago, they reached out to the stars and developed colonies on Arlaangtoonidus II, III, IV, and V. These planets are now home to robust, thriving populations as well developed as Prime. The Miaplacidus then moved on to interstellar travel, exploring much of their small, irregular galaxy. However, there are very few planets that could support life. For this reason, the Miaplacidus have the second-lowest population in the universe (Earth has the lowest).

Whenever a Miaplacidus bounces into a room, you know you’re about to have fun. They love games, puzzles, magic, art, pranks, stories, and sports like hockey. The highest position in Miaplacidus society is the Master Gamesmith. They are responsible for inventing new games and rule variations for old favorites. The Master Gamesmith resides in a massive yellow tower on a mountain overlooking the capital city of Riddletown. In the Arlaangtoonidus system of planets, the board game industry is larger than Earth’s total economy.

The Miaplacidus culture is unique because much of their technological advancement has come from inspiration by the arts. For thousands of years, science-fiction has been the most popular genre of story. The creators of these stories have inspired children to become scientists and engineers, who grow up to invent many of the fun, advanced technologies they read about in those stories. When a specific need arises, such as their overpopulation problem, the Miaplacidus government creates story contests. They give our huge prizes for the most inventive and entertaining solutions. For example, the winners of that famous contest about going to space and forming colonies on other planets was the legendary Gene-N-Lucas. Their movie, Star Train, is the most popular story in Miaplacidus culture. It continues to be told over hundreds of thousands of versions and continues to inspire generations of Miaplacidus.

The Miaplacidus main exports are games, puzzles, and art. Their actors star in many of the top television shows of other species across the universe. One of these actors, Pop-N-Mop, is famous on the Theemim planet of Elvethamus VII. During the monthly Theemim holiday Day-Of-Costume-Building-And-Wearing, many children team up and spend the whole day together inside their own Pop-N-Mop outfit.