Ranakana Profile Illustration by Jack Parra
Ranakana Theme Song by Parker Jesser

Home Planet: Mikaprajianyirohkmanagrojijoka

Physical Description

The Ranakana (Full Name: Ranakanamonahokinajianijubalimanichyobi) (Pronounced: Rah-nah-kahn-ah) are skinny aliens with blue skin. They’re a little taller than twelve-year-old human kids, but much thinner. Their four thin, elbow-less arms move around like twirling spaghetti. They often lean forward aggressively, adding to the intense look they always have. They have no hair, no ears, and three V-shaped mouths around their oval-shaped heads. Ranakanians speak their languages by making three different, distinct sounds from each mouth at the same time.

Hockey Notes

It is easy to knock over the light and thin Ranakana, but you can’t hit what you can’t catch. The Ranakana skate as fast as they talk. They also use their fast and complicated language to setup very detailed plays right in the middle of the action. This allows them to constantly alter their strategy.

The Ranakana take advantage of Intergalactic Hockey Rule 16, section Ʀ-2: Every species can use one piece of special equipment, as long as it does not create an unfair advantage. They use this rule to play with two hockey sticks. Both arms on each side of their body wrap around a stick, allowing them to make passes to themselves and fake out opponents in clever ways.

Historical Notes

Tired of hearing alien species mis-pronounce their full name of Ranakanamonahokinajianijubalimanichyobi, they allow them to use the shortened version of Ranakana. Compared to English, their language is a hundred times more complicated and spoken a hundred times faster than Humans can talk. The average Ranakanian speaks over fifty languages, with some capable of speaking several hundred fluently. This ability to speak many different languages without needing to rely on untrustworthy translation bots have helped the Ranakana become the best intergalactic traders in the universe.

Ranakana culture has obsessed about triangles since before their recorded history began. Tall, triangular crystal formations dominate their home planet of Mikaprajianyirohkmanagrojijoka. These crystals collect solar energy during their fifty-hour days, releasing it as heat during the equally long nights. Many features on and around the Ranakana’s home planet appear in threes, adding to the appeal of the triangle as their ultimate symbol of nature.

The triangle is so important to Ranakana culture, they have made laws to protect them. It is illegal to design any object with shapes other than triangles, unless there is no way a triangle would work. If this is the case, other allowed shapes are pyramids (since they have triangles on each side), hexagons (3 times 2 sides), and nonagons (3 times 3 sides). This obsession with threes factors into nearly every aspect of Ranakana life. For example, their political system has three parties, each holding one of the three major elements of their civilization as the most important: Purity, Curiosity, and Supremacy.

Throughout intergalactic history, the Ranakana have been a very private species. They freely travel and trade to other galaxies, but few members of other species have been allowed to visit their home galaxy. Ever since the Supremacy party made the mistake of working with the Bythrin last year, the Purity faction has re-enforced this policy of isolation, in the hopes of cleansing themselves of the mistake. To ensure this isolation, the Rankana use their sophisticated defensive technology. Around every wormhole into their galaxy are DNA scanners, defense drones, and beam energy weapons.