The Ranakana  (Full Name: Ranakanamonahokinajianijubalimanichyobi)
(Pronounced: Rah-nah-kahn-ah)

Home Planet: Mikaprajianyirohkmanagrojijoka

Description: The Ranakana are skinny aliens with blue skin. They’re a little taller than twelve year old human kids, but much thinner. Their four thin and elbow-less arms move around like twirling spaghetti. Their bodies always lean forward a little, even when standing still, giving them an intense look. They have no hair and no ears, but they have three V-shaped mouths. One in front and two on the sides of their oval-shaped heads.

Culture: Their language is a hundred times more complicated than English. The Ranakana also speak a hundred times faster than Humans. The Ranakana worship triangles.

(Preview sketch by the book’s illustrator: Jack Parra)

Scouting Report: The Ranakana are so thin, it’s easy to knock them over. But you can’t hit what you can’t catch. The Ranakana skate as fast as they talk. What makes them difficult to play against is their two hockey sticks. Both arms on each side of their body wrap around the sticks, allowing them to make passes to themselves, and fake out opponents in clever ways.

Favorite Earth Hockey Player: Connor McDavid
Favorite NHL Team: Pittsburgh Penguins (they love their old triangle logo)

Fun Fact: The Ranakana take advantage of Intergalactic Hockey Rule 16, section Ʀ-2: Every species can use one piece of special equipment, as long as it does not create an unfair advantage.