Profile Illustration by Jack Parra
Sabik Theme Music by Parker Jesser

Home Planet: Kibashim.^mik

Physical Description

The Sabik (Pronounced: Sah-beak) are around four feet tall and covered in thick brown fur. Their large feet work similar to bird talons and evolved to help them climb the thick trees and mountain terrain of Kibashim.^mik. Their long tails help them keep balance and are strong enough to hold weapons or wrap around tree limbs. Their large hands feature four-knuckled fingers with an iron grip that helps them crush the tough shells of their primary food: Jars>h.kla nuts. Sabik wear wooden snout guards with decorative carvings all over. They’re held on by braids of hair from the sides of their heads.

Hockey Notes

They don’t use skates, since they run and change direction better using their claws. This also tears up the ice, making it harder for opponents to skate and pass cleanly. When facing the Sabik, be prepared for a tough, physical contest. They are excellent checkers and one of the strongest species in the universe. They never give up on a puck and always give their very best every shift. Sabik jerseys are short, only coming down to the top of their furry bellies. The names and numbers on Sabik jerseys are made from a special wood. The miniature trees where it comes from is sacred to the Sabik. They only grow in a tiny forest at the top of the tallest mountain in Kibashim.^mik

Historical Notes

Kibashim.^mik is a cold, windy planet that’s almost completely covered by tall, damp forests and massive mountains. The planet’s name is made up of three different words: ‘Kiba’ = Spirit, ‘Shim.’ = Nature, and ‘^mik’ = Reality.

The Sabik live in small communities, mostly made up of extended family members. Each community typically has between 50-100 members. Their society is matriarchal, which means women hold most leadership positions. Many claw-to-claw battles have been fought over the organization of their society. However, around 4,000 years ago everyone agreed that Sabik women did a much better job of nurturing the Sabik towards a brighter, calmer future.

Although Sabik communities like to live in separated regions, they are linked via sophisticated technology. Sabik have blended their tech into nature more than any other species. Metal circuits are weaved through wood and stone, and screens are three-dimensional displays of information within pools of water. Although the Sabik have a global internet and lightning-fast connections, they take much pride in minimizing the amount of time spent with technology. They are seen as tools with specific uses, no different than a hammer. Instead, the Sabik hold themselves to strong connections to the three elements of Kiba, Shim., and ^mik.

The Sabik people are tough, just like their planet. They are a proud and noble species, feared throughout the universe as fierce warriors. They have a strict code of honor, and refuse any special rules, equipment, or treatment. However, Sabik make sure injured or handicapped Sabik have the equipment necessary to act with dignity and respect and find balance between the three elements in their lives.

Every Sabik pup earns their place in the community in three stages. First, on their fifth birthday, they must climb the highest nearby mountain alone, to learn the meaning of Kiba. Next, at the age of nine, they must test their knowledge of Shim. by proving their knowledge of every living organism on the planet. Last, they become adults at the age of fourteen after serving ^mik by building a significant project for their community.